There is some disadvantage

The Cialis might be the best possible erectile tablet ever available. But many were a little disappointed when they used the pill. Now Cialis can make your erection strong as a steel for 36 hours, every time you ask, you will have a sword in your hands harder than any stone. Your lover will scream with joy since it will be the best stuff someone ever stuffed themselves with (innuendos?). HOWEVER, there are things the common Cialis won’t do – it will never prolong the actual sexual intercourse. Are you hoping for hours of endless sex just like in porn? Well forget about that… or not?

New king of the hill!

Tadapox is our answer to your cries! Nothing has ever been so effective as this drug. This brand-new product will definitely ROCK your world like never before because not only it has the Tadalafil contained in a common Cialis, but also a Dapoxetine. That means your penis will be an unbreakable spear waiting for its target and not only that it will never MISS, it will be a damn long spear. We know that good sex is possible with stronger erection, but PERFECT sex is the 50-minutes sex.

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There is some disadvantage