She will be happy

Yes, be sure that you will be excited. There are three packages that you can avail. First package contains perfect dinner in gardens under the Prague Castle. It is really very romantic, so you cannot be afraid that you will see only spacious city. There will be prepared the most beautiful table for you, with flower decoration and candle lights. Your dinner will be cooked by the best chief from restaurant that won prestigious prize. Then there is second package that is more luxury and comfortable, because you can stay in five-star chateau over night. There are lots of services for you – spa procedures, aromatic bath or shower, great massages. This offer contains also very tasty diner in presidential apartment, where you will live during your proposal day. And then there is third package – individual proposal. This is the best for case, when you have your own marriage proposal ideas and you would like to realize it with our help.

We can fill your dream

It doesn´t matter if you want go by limousine and you want only comfortable place, or if you would like to stay in nature and enjoy special day with your love. We can create also picnic for you, if you want – we can order the best food and drink, so you cannot be afraid of quality. It is only about scolding. If you will contact us, we will make an appointment and you will tell us your wishes. Then we can start with preparations. There is only one task for you – you should buy a ring.

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She will be happy